• Accountant in Business


     课程名称:Accountant in Business主讲教师:Hong Zhao所在学院:School of Management课程团队:无上线平台:学堂在线 F1 is the first module among fourteen ACCA( The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ) international exams. Its aim is to develop the understanding of accounting and the envi...

  • Analog Circuit Design


     课程名称:Analog Circuit Design主讲教师:Chen Wenjie所在学院:School of Electrical ​Engineering课程团队:Zhao Jinquan上线平台:学堂在线The foundation of analog electronic technology is an introductory course of electronic technology. Its task is to enable students to acquire the basic theory, b...

  • Analytical Chemistry


     课程名称:Analytical Chemistry主讲教师:Yinhuan Li所在学院:School of Chemistry课程团队:Chunhui Xiao、Yanfeng Zhang、Silong Xu、Junyan Liang、Ruixia Gao、Xiaolong Yang、Youshen Wu、Qinxiang Jia​上线平台:学堂在线Analytical chemistry is a basic specialized course for chemistry and related major...

  • Appreciation of Symphony Music


     课程名称:Appreciation of Symphony Music主讲教师:Gengxian Cao所在学院:School of Humanities and Social Sciences课程团队:Ru Wen、Li Juan、Xiaodi Fang、Junfeng Liu上线平台:爱课程   学堂在线Through the introduction of the history of symphonic music, the recognition of the composition and shape o...

  • Basic Molecular Biology


     课程名称:Basic Molecular Biology主讲教师:Xiaoyun Lu所在学院:School of Life Science and Technology课程团队:Han Yan、Yi Feng、Dan Tan上线平台:爱课程   学堂在线What is molecular biology? Broadly, it could be defined as the attempt to understand biological phenomena in molecular terms. Another ...

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